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We build fun and innovative websites for startup and mature businesses.

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Making things as simple as possible... but not simpler.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The look and feel of your website will either decide its success or its downfall. We produce slick and innovative designs that will make you feel proud and happy.

Desktop & Mobile Friendliness

More than 50% of web visitors today use mobile devices. We make sure that your website looks and feels awesome no matter what platform your users favour.

Search Engine Readiness

Why build a website if no one is going to find it? Search engine optimization is of great importance, and we know how to make your website visible to the world.

Custom-Built CRM Applications

As your business grows, you will find that more and more of your time is spent on record keeping instead of making money. We can automate and streamline this process.

Comprehensive Analytics

Understanding your audience is key to a successful business. With custom development and third-party products we can give you the information you need to succeed.

Website Hosting & Support

Don't want the hassle of worrying about domain names, IP addresses, MX records, etc? Let us worry about your website operability so you can focus on your product.

About Us

We build websites because we love it. We're fun, smart and passionate.

Konoson Web Development is a new company with over five years of industry experience. Konoson was created by Ian Henderson and Vadim Kononov. These two University students both share a strong passion for computer programming and web development. Our goal is to develop aesthetically pleasing websites that can serve as an effective tool for your company. We place a great deal of emphasis on the website look and feel, portability, scalability and usability.

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Winnipeg and Winnipeg Area, Manitoba

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Ian Henderson: +1 (204) 230-7815

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